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Experience salon hair care on the next level with Adam Mark's Salon & Studio. If you would like to experience true quality hair care service, please make an appointment with us at our phone number, (260) 438-3619. We provide a lovely array of services for our clients. Please read over the following information to discover how we can serve you best.

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High Lift Blondes

A high lift color is able to achieve a blonde status without the use of bleach. In conclusion, a high lift tint lightens the hair and then deposits tone in one step.

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Are you looking to add highlights to your hair? Highlights are defined as pieces of your hair that are lighter than your natural color. For example, if you have brown hair, you can add highlights that are honey brown. This provides depth and dimension for your hair.

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Originally a French word, Balayage means “to sweep.” In this hair color technique, highlights are hand-painted onto random sections of hair. Balayage is renowned because the hand-painted sections of hair blend naturally with your original hair color to create a refreshed and revived look.

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Base Colors

If you would like to return to your original hair color, base hair coloring is right for you. Our stylists will go to great lengths to formulate the correct way to match your base color, including a full consultation and discussion. Selecting the correct base color is essential to finding what kind of highlights work best for your hair.

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Men’s Cuts/Styling

Whether you would like a defined or deconstructed side part, a trim, a buzz, or anything in between, you will have the opportunity to engage in full consultation with one of our stylists.

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Ombre hair is defined as being a distinctive gradient of color. Specifically, it is a visual gradation from a light color to a dark color or vice-versa.

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Fusion Hair Extensions are also known as Keratin Bond or pre-bonded hair extensions. They are recognized as one of the most advanced methods of applying for hair extensions. These extensions come in stands instead of wefts. This means that stylists attach the extensions strand by strand to cover up the whole head. Please note that we only do Fusion and Tape extensions.

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Tape Extensions

Tape-In extensions are thin tape wefts that are generally one and a half inches. Essentially, these extensions are “taped-in” between the client’s hair in “sandwich” type bonds. Tape extensions are acknowledged to be the most requested professional hair extensions in hairdressing salons globally. Please note that we only do Fusion and Tape extensions.

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Kerafusion is specifically designed to handle damaged, chemically treated and dry hair in order to remove frizz and control curls. Once the keratin is infused into the hair, it penetrates deep into the damaged cuticle, giving the hair a natural straightening effect.

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Keratin hair treatments by GK are special hair-smoothing treatments that use a combination of keratin and other oils that hydrate hair. This occurs while simultaneously bonding to the hair’s cortex and straightening it for up to five months.

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Olez Keratins

By using a powerful blend of organic butter, alpha keratin, oils, and emollients, hair is temporarily restructured to be smooth, hydrated, and manageable. In order to discover whether or not keratin is your next move, please feel free to schedule a hair consultation with one of our experienced stylists. Our non-formaldehyde versions lasts two-and-a-half to three months.

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